Make News Great Again


This week I feel like the content I produced, compared to other weeks, was not up to scratch. I couldn’t get my head around how to approach the topic of ‘Fake News’ and I think that that is evident from this week’s blog post and the poor structuring of it. I tried to take on board comments from last week’s feedback about having headings, and while I agree that headings are a good idea I think the implementation of them made the flow of my blog suffer.

Because I did my blog post on Fake News I tried to look at other blogs that had written about other things.

Infographic made by me about what I learned.

Both Sinead and Yusra’s blogs this week spoke about filter bubbles. When I was trying to think of questions to ask on the blog posts I came across this article, about filter bubbles being offline as well as offline. I really enjoyed the discussion that was struck up between Sinead and I about this. Because I think that we are, if we are buying a Newspaper we will buy one that reflects out political ideologies, if we’re at our netball club we’ll be integrating with like-minded sport people, if you attend a private school you’ll be mingling with like-minded middle class people etc. When you form friendships you most likely make friends with people that share your opinions and beliefs. It’s the same with cultures.

I always assumed that online filter bubbles would reflect your offline filter bubble. However, as I write this I am thinking about how people could have different filter bubbles online and offline. It’s not rare that people have different personalities and behave differently online compared to offline (Amichai-Hamburger, 2002) due to the anonymity of it. Therefore, in some situations I think that there could be a real difference in things people are exposed to online compared to offline.

Infographic made by me about the 6 main points I learnt this week

My comment on Sineads blog meant to attach this article to the comment as a reference

My comment on Yusra’s blog

Word Count 300


Amichai-Hamburger, Y., Wainapel, G. and Fox, S., 2002. ” On the Internet no one knows I’m an introvert”: Extroversion, neuroticism, and Internet interaction. Cyberpsychology & behavior5(2), pp.125-128.

Benner, T. and Pirang, A. (2016). The Fight Against Filter Bubbles Needs to Start Offline. [online] Global Public Policy Institute. 


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