Divide and Conquer? NO, Conquer the Divide.

Divide and Conquer_ No, Conquer the Divide!This week it was crazy to see how much everybody upped their game on their blogs, so many more self-made graphics and well researched posts!  I feel that I have steadily continued the persona on my blog  from last week and enjoy the colloquial stance that I am taking.

new-piktochart_28513061 (4)
Infographic highlighting key takings from others blogs

I received four comments on my blog this week – this was really nice to see, and made me feel people were appreciating my content which makes writing the post feel worthwhile.

One comment from Tom was really helpful in terms of readers understanding my content. I thought I had made a sufficient point in my blog about the internet acting as a mirror in reflecting inequalities in society, however his comment made me realise I had not addressed it in enough detail for the user to completely understand what I was talking about. I need to make sure that I do not assume reader knowledge.

Last week I found seeing comments on other peoples’ blogs helped my learning. This week however I found the comments I received on my own blog really helped me think more deeply about the topic. Especially the two that addressed this statement I made:

Quote taken from my ‘What is the Digital Divide?’ Blog.

Chloe highlighted the increase in participation of MOOCs – so surely the divide is decreasing? However Xavier found a statistic that states that only 4% of people enrolled actually complete the courses, and that only 18% of people have found MOOC’s beneficial to their education. That being said those in developing countries, that are more affected by the digital divide are finding them helpful which is amazing! People in more developed countries have other priorities/distractions such as work and compulsory education and this could be a reason they fail to complete them.

Finally, I really enjoyed the way Chloe’s comment linked what we learnt last week about digital residency to this week’s topic!

Word Count: 307

My comment on Annas blog

My comment on Bivash’s blog


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