Reflecting on Residency

reflecting on residenct (1)The first week of creating content for this module has been very interesting. Reading my peer’s blogs and seeing how differently each of us has responded to the same task has helped me to establish the persona that I want on my blog.

Before researching and wholly understanding what a digital resident is I would have classed myself a digital resident on most platforms. However, now I realise this is not the case for me or my peers – reading other people’s blogs I think we all very much over estimated our abilities before the self-test.

I’m definitely not a resident on wordpress and there is definitely room for me to improve. I am excited to work on this in the following weeks. I think blogging is easier said than done!

Being able to read my peers blogs and create discussions has helped with my understanding of White’s concept of digital residency. It has allowed me look beyond the definitions of being a visitor or resident and has allowed me develop my judgement on the benefits and drawbacks of being a resident or visitor. I commented on Tom’s blog post and when going to read his reply I saw another thought provoking comment about the negative effects of residency on offline behaviours. Previously I thought being a resident was a good thing, however I now think this is only true to an extent and in certain contexts. Everything is good in moderation and I think we need to be careful in striving for residency. I think it is possible for two people to be residents but one be a ‘good’ resident and the other a ‘bad’ resident as a result of how they are interacting with a platform. I think this is especially the case with social media.

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My comment on Toms blog

My comment on Phoebes blog


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