Final Reflections

This blog post will reflect on my completion of the UOSM2008 module. This module has allowed me to develop my knowledge of producing content and working online. I am going to use Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle to help me critically reflect on the process. Step 1: Description Being a Web Science student this UOSM2008 module […]

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Identifying my Identity

This week I was much happier with the content that I produced. I took on board the comments about having headings on my blog and made them work this week – compared to previous weeks where I think they interrupted the flow of the blog. My main focus of improvement this week was making sure […]

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Who Are You Online?

The development of social media sometimes makes it hard to distinguish between your professional and personal life. And the idea of avoiding social media all together nowadays is unrealistic and potentially disadvantageous to an individual. Definitions of professional and personal profiles: Here is an example of how your profiles could differ across platforms: How professional […]

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Make News Great Again

This week I feel like the content I produced, compared to other weeks, was not up to scratch. I couldn’t get my head around how to approach the topic of ‘Fake News’ and I think that that is evident from this week’s blog post and the poor structuring of it. I tried to take on […]

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Fake News Travels Fast

Social media allows news to travel to vast numbers of people at ridiculously fast speeds. Because of this we should always be wary of the legitimacy of what we are reading online. Fake news Fakes news is simply news that spreads false information. Although fake news is not a completely new concept, it has recently […]

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What is the Digital Divide?

When we think of inequality the first things that come to mind are traditional forms of inequality: class, race, gender, health etc. However a new emerging type of inequality is digital inequality (van Djik, 2013). Digital differences refers to how your offline context, hinders or advances your ability to access the internet, resulting in digital […]

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